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Scratchbox - May 22, 2019
Issued: 16:41hrs Tuesday 21th May 2019

Simon: Dry for most tonight, although showers continue in northern Scotland.

Issued: 12:44hrs Tuesday 21th May 2019

Simon: More sunshine to come through this afternoon for most of the UK and Ireland. Some showers in Scotland.

Issued: 07:08hrs Tuesday 21th May 2019

Simon: Lots of sunshine this morning. Showers and some heavy rain in northeast Scotland.

Issued: 12:05hrs Monday 20th May 2019

Simon: Rain is fading in east Anglia now, but showers are likely to trigger in eastern England this afternoon. Heavy showers in northeast Scotland and in Northern Ireland.

Issued: 07:24hrs Monday 20th May 2019

Simon: Best sunshine in the west today. Showers in the east.

Issued: 16:55hrs Sunday 19th May 2019

Claire: Showers easing through this evening to give a mostly dry night. Under clearer skies overnight we could see some mist or fog patches forming.

Issued: 12:10hrs Sunday 19th May 2019

Claire: Lightning strike data from the past 15 minutes over Europe indicate thunderstorms affecting NW parts of Germany & Poland, Slovakia, W Ukraine, Italy, N Turkey and SW Russia. Further storms are expected through this afternoon, possible affecting southern parts of England too.

Issued: 08:08hrs Sunday 19th May 2019

Claire: Some mist & fog around for some eastern areas at the moment. This could linger through the day for some North Sea coastal areas. Elsewhere will be cloudy with some sunny spells & scattered showers, some of which may be thundery.

Issued: 17:01hrs Saturday 18th May 2019

Claire: Extensive cloud cover across the UK & Ireland today kept a lid on high temperatures. Highs of 18C were recorded along the south coast of England where there was some sunshine around. Highs widely expected to reach just 14-17C tomorrow: cooler than this in the NW; milder in the SE.

Issued: 12:43hrs Saturday 18th May 2019

Claire: Rain continuing over much of Scotland, Northern Ireland and southwest Ireland this lunchtime. Showers affecting eastern and southern parts of England. Cloudy across much of England and Wales with some brighter spells at times.

Issued: 08:03hrs Saturday 18th May 2019

Claire: A cloudy start to the day with rain for much of Scotland & parts of Northern Ireland. It will continue rather damp in the north today while England & Wales will see a mixture of scattered showers & some sunny spells. A chance of thunderstorms later.